Torres Espino the Craftsman, LLC

Custom Cabinet Designs

All our cabinets are custom made to the suit the taste of the customer as well as the specifications and measurements of the location of your home.

Countrywide Operations

Countrywide Operations

We install cabinets within the state of Texas and are able to ship cabinets to be installed anywhere within the United States. If you are looking for highly personalized designs and installations in your high-end home, we are just a phone call away.

For Your Unique Needs

Things work differently in every room and for every individual. To help you make the most out of your living experience, we design cabinets customized to your needs.

Some of the home cabinets we offer are:

  • Kitchen cabinets.

  • Children room utility cabinets.

  • Walk-in closets.

  • Bathroom cabinets.

  • Home study & library cabinets.

  • Dressing cabinets.

  • Game room cabinets.

  • Mud rooms.

  • Pantry.

  • Bar Cabinets.

  • Play Rooms.

  • Custom Furniture Pieces.