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Landmarks in Design

At Torres Espino the Craftsman, LLC, we bring over 25 years of experience from the most prominent architecture firms and design studios in South West America to the households and offices in the region, with the sole purpose of transforming spaces into landmarks. Our work speaks of our strong passion for innovation and ingenuity.

Overseeing the implementation of flawless on-ground work, we offer top-notch craftsmanship to homeowners, business owners, architects, contractors, interior designers, and landlords.

Ingenuity & Integrity

All our cabinets are unique and built to the specs of the space that they will fill. We work on each interior according to the measurements of the house and keeping into consideration the taste and preference of the customer.

Affinity to Harmony

Cabinets may only be a small part of your space, but their presence makes a huge difference. Keeping in view the big picture, cabinets must be designed to camouflage into the existing interiors. Our cabinets are installed such that harmony is maintained in the entire space.

Wisdom Health Care LA